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For example, in a political language, I would often hear in class someone considering mixing two political ideologies in the best way possible, to collect the best of both postures to get a better one. Then again, one posture is one concept, and mixing it with another, which is different, wouldn't it result in the chaos of contradiction? Consider the position called the "Third Way".

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The law of identity certainly is applicable to concepts and their validity, and to everything that exists in some definite form or another. But how, exactly, would one apply it? If one is trying to oppose contradictions, one isn't likely to get very far merely by asserting that two facts are mutually incompatible and can lead only to destruction if anyone tries to unite them in reality. Applying the law of identity means recognizing that each existent has a definite nature -- it is what it is -- and identifying what that nature is. Identity means recognizing any impossible combinations of existents and identifying why those combinations are impossible, i.e., what will actually happen in reality if one tries to combine them in defiance of men's knowledge of their incompatible natures. Applying the law of identity means identifying, in very concrete terms, why some proposed combination of incompatible existents is incompatible and impossible -- the pursuit of which, in defiance of that fact, will inevitably become a process of destruction. If one can explain that to today's intellectuals and their public audiences, one may have a hope of changing people's minds about the course that their intellectuals, teachers and politicians may be trying to lead them into.

For further insights on the pursuit of contradictions, refer to "The Anatomy of Compromise" in CUI (Chapter 14) and the topics of "Compromise" and "Pragmatism" in The Ayn Rand Lexicon. There is also an apparently very informative article on "Third Way" on Wikipedia.

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