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Ayn Rand was married right ? Why is she called Miss ?

asked Apr 27 '13 at 00:26

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Ayn Rand's actual name was a Russian name, not directly translatable to "Ayn Rand." She chose the name "Ayn Rand" as the name by which she wanted to be known in her written works and lectures. Imagine anyone calling her "Mrs. Rand," given that her husband's name had no connection to the name "Rand," and that he had no direct role in assisting her to create her achievements. (He certainly did have a very important indirect role, however, as Ayn Rand mentioned from time to time.) And (to me) calling her "Mrs." somebody else would have undermined the use of "Ayn Rand" as the mark of authorship of her works, particularly when so many of her private meetings and discussions directly concerned her ground-breaking intellectual works. I also doubt that her husband would have wanted it any other way.

answered Apr 28 '13 at 20:07

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"Ayn Rand" was a pen name!

Her real name was translated to English as "Alice/Alisa Rosenbaum" and I believe she received social security benefits as "Ann/Anne Oconnor".

Oconnor was her husband's surname of course.

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