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I know that Ayn Rand does not believe that the law should interfere with two consenting (same-sex) adults, but I also read that she thinks that homosexuality is immoral? I'm wondering why she thinks it's immoral.

I tried to draw three conclusions from articles I read but I'm not sure if they are accurate:

-She thought that it was moral if a person who had no control of how they felt towards the same sex was with the same sex but she thought it was immoral if a person who was really into the opposite sex repressed it by forming romantic relationships with the same sex.

-She didn't believe in "I don't have a choice". She believes that you Do have a choice in the matter and that it is unnatural for a man to be with a man. (&woman with woman)

-It is natural for a rational highly self-esteemed woman to want to be dominated sexually by a man who is worthy of her and it is natural for a ration highly self-esteemed man to dominate a woman (sexually) worthy for him

asked Apr 25 '13 at 11:48

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I don't think it was ever clarified directly by her about why exactly she thought homosexuality is immoral. I would argue, however, from what it is known in matters of phychology and metaphysics, in favor of your third conclusion.

Rand regarded as man's sexual nature to want to dominate a woman he loves (and as woman's sexual nature to the romantic surrender for a man worthy of her). In this sense, it would be quite conflictive for a man to want to dominate another man (or a woman to surrender to another woman).

(May 14 '13 at 15:40) Juan Diego dAnconia Juan%20Diego%20dAnconia's gravatar image

Sadly, it is valid to mention, there isn't much information on it by other sources. Leonard Peikoff, for example, has views quite different from Rand. I think he doesn't think homosexuality is immoral. But he has said, also, that Rand had friends who were known homosexuals and she respected them.

In conclusion, however, I would clarify that there is much to develop in this issue and although I may have some idea of the case (my last comment) I can't say that's the reason Rand held as her own. I just say it may be part of the reasons but it seems clear It may be far more complicated.

(May 14 '13 at 15:45) Juan Diego dAnconia Juan%20Diego%20dAnconia's gravatar image
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