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It's clear, in my mind, that it's immoral to force adult children to pay for their parents' debt even if the parents told the creditor that the children will have to pay but the children never agreed to themselves.

Should the same principle also apply to the national debt? Aren't the creditors buying US Treasuries today relying on the continuation of an immoral government into the future?

Or am I committing the error of rationalism here?

asked Apr 02 '13 at 17:29

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Greg Perkins ♦♦

The creditors buying US Treasuries today are certainly relying on the continuation of an immoral government into the future.

I think the real question of morality is whether or not it's moral to buy US Treasuries.

It is, of course, immoral to make future tax payers pay for national debt acquired today. Those who lent money to the US Government have no more a right to be paid back through taxpayer money than those who lent money to Bernie Madoff. Less, in fact, because those who lend to the US Government know the nature of their "investment".

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