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I am curious as to know what Objectivism would have to say about things like Fire Codes. Do these violate rights because usually the state has to approve say the construction of a building and saying whether or not it is safe ? What about health laws ? Should the state really pass laws like how far someone needs to be buried underground ? What about getting something like food to be approved by the Food & Drug Admin. to see if it is safe for the public to consume ? Of course a different question arises when say someone gets poisoned by a certain food product or gets caught in a fire as to how the people in charge of the building (or owners of the house) should be penalized.

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Objectivism opposes all of the laws mentioned in this question, except where someone initiates physical force against others, either directly or indirectly, and is proved to have done so by objective rules of legal proof. For further explanation, refer to the topic of "Physical Force" in The Ayn Rand Lexicon, and also check the cross-referenced topics at the end of that topic. Another good reference is the article titled, "The Assault on Integrity," in CUI, Chapter 9.

Fire codes, electrical codes, construction codes, health codes, etc. could all continue to exist in a free society, but they would be voluntary and privately defined and judged, with no criminal penalty attached. If people want to know the evaluation of a business by an objective, independent ratings agency, they are free to pay for it and to go into business offering it. We have examples already today and would surely have a great many more examples in a fully free society.

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