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This is a question specifically for anyone on this site who is a part of the Ayn Rand Institute; I'm assuming Greg Perkins could best help me. My mother and I saw the summer internship of 2013 and she suggested I should to it. I personally want to apply and go to California for three weeks. It would be very exciting. I would love to talk to people like me. However, I don't know if the application on the website is referring to 30 candidates to get the scholarship or if it's for 30 people in general who can participate in the internship. I don't know by what standard they're letting applicants in the Institute. My GPA is still around a 2.75. Can anyone help me out?

asked Feb 27 '13 at 21:08

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Did you try searching further on the Institute website? I would expect to find contact information there.

(Feb 28 '13 at 01:58) Ideas for Life ♦ Ideas%20for%20Life's gravatar image

Sorry, I don't know anything more about the process than what their website says...

(Feb 28 '13 at 09:35) Greg Perkins ♦♦ Greg%20Perkins's gravatar image

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