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Who can I discuss with this in person? Liner museum, physics teacher?

If objc reality is evident because experiments are reproducible.....is this in accordance with how objectivism sees it?

asked Dec 24 '12 at 17:57

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The question may be attempting to read more subtlety into the Objectivist view of existence (reality) than is actually there. To gain a proper understanding of what Objectivism means by "existence" or "reality," refer to the topic of "Existence" in The Ayn Rand Lexicon. Man's awareness of existence is a very sensory-perceptual issue. The senses tell man directly that something is (i.e., it exists), but identifying what it is, is a separate issue requiring a cognitive process of identification. See also "Identity," "Consciousness," and "Objectivity" in the Lexicon.

I do not see how a museum would help if the issue is whether or not existence exists and how to know. If you doubt that the museum itself exists, you could try standing in front of one of its walls, facing the wall, and then walk forward until you experience the wall's existence very directly, through multiple sensory modalities.

Repeatability of experiments pertains more to identity than to existence itself, especially to causality, which is a corollary of identity. See "Causality" in the Lexicon. The fact that a wall existed once doesn't automatically imply that it will still exist the next time you try to bump into it or walk through it. That kind of knowledge (of the wall's identity) comes later. A normal child may need to perform a great many simple "experiments" of his own to discover causality and the changeability or immutability of the attributes of various entites.

answered Dec 25 '12 at 00:53

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