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If my only goal is to acquire wealth to simply enjoy luxury, would it be second-handed to pursue any means to that end? I really have no clue what I want to major in, and I have a searing hatred for college professors. I don't trust them, I don't like them. I hate my current major because I have absolutely no interest in it, and I'm already failing two classes. I keep thinking I'm stupid and worthless and I'll never become wealthy and I'll never find a job I enjoy.

I know I don't want a physically demanding job. I want my job to involve buying and selling stocks, where I have an office, and I want to make a lot of money doing it. I should major in financing, but, alas, the college I go to doesn't offer financing. Mitt Romney is probably the person I'd like to become--minus the whole Mormon thing. It's my dream to have a wife and kids where we all spend a majority of our time at home to be together. I don't expect anyone to understand, nor do I care if they don't. I don't want my family to get up 5 in the morning to go to work, only to get home at 4 to spend the remaining hours of the day tired and miserable. That's how my life is now, and I really want to avoid it when I start my own family.

Is there a way to do this without a college education? Are there any secrets I don't know about? I feel like an outsider with absolutely no knowledge of a vast system I want to become a part of, and I'm staring at it thinking I have no chance of being successful. I feel as if everything is stacked against me and I shouldn't even bother trying. I feel alone, and my family is not going to help me because they say the best thing I have going for me is to become a police officer. I don't want that! That's the last thing I want. My brother is a cop and he is always working. He's never home--at least when the rest of us are. I can't be honest with them because they'll just get mad. What do I do?

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-You should be honest anyways even if it displeases them. -I think you have to find the anwsers for yourself. -You know how Peter Keating mom chosse his career..you have that similiraty and look how he end up.

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The view of "success" presented in this question appears to include several elements:

  • Achieving great wealth and luxury
  • Having plenty of free time to spend on other interests
  • Having a devoted wife and one or more happy children to spend one's free time with
  • Enjoying the work that one does

Welcome to the club, Collin! You've described what probably most of the population wants, but almost none ever achieve fully. If you figure out how to do it, let us know your secret!

The question also states: "I keep thinking I'm stupid and worthless and I'll never become wealthy and I'll never find a job I enjoy. ... I'm...thinking I have no chance of being successful. I feel as if everything is stacked against me and I shouldn't even bother trying. I feel alone...." Try not to be too pessimistic. Try asking a different question. Instead of asking how to "succeed," whatever that means, try asking: "How can I live?" That question should trigger an entirely different set of further questions and thoughts, such as where to live, how to pay for it, how to pay for transportation and food, where to work, what kind of work one can qualify for and obtain, etc. Focusing on living rather than "succeeding" can lead directly to a very concrete plan of practical action.

The question makes a good start on an itemized inventory of possibliities:

  • Pursuit of wealth by any means? Better qualify what "any means" would or would not include.
  • Escaping from college professors? That may be a precondition for living but is a long way from a solution.
  • Aviation Administration? The questioner hates it.
  • Film school? The questioner would love it but can't afford it and has no support for it from his family.
  • Physically demanding work? The question rejects it.
  • Buying and selling stocks (in an office, like Mitt Romney)? This may require a degree in Finance, which the questioner's present college doesn't offer.
  • Police officer? The questioner's family seems to think he could be good at it, but he would hate the work hours.
  • Something else, police related, like criminology or crime scene investigation or records research, etc.? The question doesn't seem to have considered this so far.
  • Professional writing? This question doesn't mention it, but the questioner might be good at it, especially if he starts out in journalism or teaching and gradually moves toward screenplay editing or screenplay writing, or writing and publishing short stories and novels. Probably wouldn't do much for wealth and luxury accumulation, however; it's exceedingly rare to make a fortune through writing.

Ok, so what might be missing from such an inventory? I can see two areas for further inventory development:

  • More research into on-line job listings, looking for possibilities that the questioner might be able to qualify for and might like to do to earn an income.
  • More research into other possible majors available at the questioner's current college.

Living should be a much easier problem to solve than "succeeding."

answered Oct 11 '12 at 15:45

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Nicely organized.

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