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There are many types of villains in literature and cinema that vary across all boards of archetypes, but I was wondering what type of villain is Objectively most entertaining? It goes without saying that this villain must be intelligent, but should he be sane or insane? Should he be good-looking or ugly? Powerful or weak (an expression of the impotence of evil)? If I could create my own villain in my own story, he would be smart, ugly, strong, and sane. It would be his philosophy that drives him to commit his atrocities in the story. His actions make him look crazy as an expression of how twisted his philosophy is--and philosophy is chosen, so he does in fact have free will. There is always that small chance that he could change for the better and redeem himself, which I find very dramatic. All of my stories have an underlying theme of free will.

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My favorite Rand villain is Toohey, and my favorite general fiction villain is Darth Vader (IV, V, and VI only, don't get me started). Both characters are completely committed to their ideas and their actions are extensions of these beliefs. In this way, they are actually like Rand's heroes, only their premises are very, very wrong. To me, this makes them less pitiable too, because they consciously hold their ideas as opposed to just being victims (the classic revenge villain) or just being insane. [Edited grammar.]

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I can't really think of a villain that I think of as a favorite. I write my own stories, and I always try to create a great bad guy. I want him to be the most detestable person there is, where every person who sees/reads him can't find anything relatable, but they can understand where he's coming from. And I want him to be original. A lot of villains seek money or power. I think a great villain's goal should be a societal one involving collectivism, like in The Dark Knight Rises. Bane--and Talia--were seeking to shape society (Gotham) into their shared vision.

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I like revenge villains, too. In my story, I want to write a character that warps Ayn Rands views, in the sense that he was wronged by our society's collectivist culture, and now he wants to destroy it to make it better again. He justifies using force by calling it retaliation against society who wronged him, first.

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I think this asking for person opinion and everyone is different. I use to fascinated by callous villan, because Im nothing like a callous person- Im highly empathetic. One who is strong to live without regret. I think my favroite villan would be Adolf Hitler because he had vision in this wrold. You made me think about why become what we are. In life we have experiences and the choice to respond to them. So we are given antipodes of choices. I want a villan who understand the nature of his convictions. My favroite hero would be Jesus figure much like Howard Roark. As for insanity, what is that

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