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I been watching the show House, Im 20 and would like to make use of my mind. I like psychology, philosophy and science. I think the career House has, diagnostic would interest me.I just dont know what i want specifically- can anyone throw out some jobs that require you to be smart. A doctor seems to be the only thing i can come up with.

PS. Feel free to give out advice, on your empirical knowledge of chosing the correct career path.

asked Sep 30 '12 at 04:42

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I think whether or not you can make use of intelligence in a job depends more on your specific bosses / company policies than on what career you choose.

Sales, marketing, accounting, finance, food preparation, secretary, management, teaching, doctor, lawyer, actuary, nurse, scientist, engineer, journalist, artist, philosopher, author, psychologist, actor, etc. They all can make full use of any level of intelligence if you surround yourself with the right co-workers/partners/financiers.

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Odd, I dont understand how a artist needs to be intelligent....and a actor. elaborate? please.

(Sep 30 '12 at 19:33) Twilightseed Twilightseed's gravatar image

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