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Having a political science degree and currently being a continuous academic scholar of the field I have not been hindered by this to expand my enthusiasm to the realm of philosophy and with great tolerance of independent studies I have created and submitted numerous papers concerning metaphysical and ethical topics. So I am with great curiosity if can regard myself a meta-physician.

asked Sep 20 '12 at 00:58

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The questioner sounds like an "academic scholar" first and foremost. Whether or not he would qualify as a metaphysician or metaphysical writer or both (as well as an ethicist or ethical writer or both, since he also writes on ethics), depends on the standard of evaluation to be applied. The standards of Objectivists may be significantly different from the standards of "academic scholars," even for Objectivists who themselves qualify as "academic scholars." If the questioner seeks an evaluation from the majority of those who contribute to this website most often, I suppose some sort of vote will need to be taken. In that case, how can the voters decide the issue intelligently without more data as to exactly what the questioner has written and submitted, what he stands for (or against), whether or not any of his submissions were ever published, and, if so, where and to whom (i.e., to what audience)? Absent such data, all I can say myself is: "probably." Cheers.

I would undoubtedly be quite interested in any new articles about Objectivist metaphysics and ethics, however, if they add anything new to the existing Objectivist literature, and/or aid significantly in stimulating greater public interest in (and eventually acceptance of) Objectivism.

answered Sep 21 '12 at 01:21

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