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The Objectivists I know are honest and have a lot of integrity. So often, politicians seem to be dishonest, corrupt, mud-slinging, walking-the-gray-line kind of people. Could an Objectivist survive or even make a difference in such a corrupt environment?

asked Sep 17 '10 at 19:52

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Tammy ♦♦

But they have! Though vastly outnumbered at this time in history, such folks run the gamut, from serious Objectivists like Stephen Bailey, to admirers of Ayn Rand with mixed premises like Justice Clarence Thomas.

The rarity of Objectivists in politics is perhaps partly due to the radical, sometimes wildly unpopular ideas we hold ... but more importantly, the numbers are against us.

Add to this, the fact that being an advocate of reason doesn't automatically mean one will be outstanding in their chosen profession. Being a successful politician, or businessman, or musician, et. al., is hard, and takes tremendous initiative, ability, talent, and effort ... and opportunity!

Consequently, there's a scarcity of successful Objectivists in every field.

But this is, of course, changing ... and changing more rapidly than many of us could have hoped.

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answered Sep 18 '10 at 13:16

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