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Just looking for an opinion from someone who has seen it. (If this question is not appropriate for this forum, please delete it.) The critics hated it, but they don't care for or about Objectivism. For someone that does care about and is familiar with Objectivism, is this film worth watching, or is it lousy?

asked Jul 31 '12 at 12:59

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Greg Perkins ♦♦

For someone who cares about Objectivism, yes, the film is worth watching. I myself own it on BluRay. But you shouldn't be asking this question not because it's inappropriate, but because, as an Objectivist, you should base your own decisions according to your own mind and not follow the opinions of others, including other Objectivists. You should watch the film because you want to see it. Don't be a second hander. You should also be aware that Part 2 of Atlas Shrugged comes out in theaters this October.

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Of course an Objectivist will say, "Yes, Atlas Shrugged is worth watching! Anything that came from Ayn Rand is worth it." I agree. The only two things I didn't like about Atlas Shrugged Part 1 was that it's more of a Teaparty movie than an Objectivist movie. The movie was produced by and for a group largely consisting of Conservatives and Libertarians, and they knit-picked at Ayn Rand's views. The second problem was that the credits start rolling about 88 minutes in because about 40% of the content in Part 1 of the book was never filmed. The sequel will be much better, though.

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"Of course an Objectivist will say, 'Yes, Atlas Shrugged is worth watching! Anything that came from Ayn Rand is worth it.'"


And it's hardly second-handed to seek objective reviews of any film before you see it, so you can make an informed decision. Otherwise, the only way to be a first-handed theater-goer would be to see every single movie.

(Aug 01 '12 at 12:51) John Paquette ♦ John%20Paquette's gravatar image

I do not own the DVD or Blu-ray of AS Part 1. I'm not happy enough with the movie. It doesn't properly present my beliefs. I'd like it re-made correctly.

(Aug 01 '12 at 12:55) John Paquette ♦ John%20Paquette's gravatar image

Yikes, Collin1 -- if you're going to put words in peoples' mouths, please be sure you are correct. NO Objectivist I know would say that! Regarding the movie, I'm pretty sure they'd say the opposite: that an attempt to create a good movie from a novel is an incredible challenge, and more so in the case of a philosophical novel, and even more so in the case of a philosophical novel that fundamentally challenges the culture it is being created in. (And I'm with John: I saw it once and have no desire to see it again or purchase the disk.)

(Aug 01 '12 at 13:18) Greg Perkins ♦♦ Greg%20Perkins's gravatar image

I meant it was worth watching at least once.

(Aug 01 '12 at 23:30) Collin1 Collin1's gravatar image
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I've seen Atlas Shrugged part 1.

Some aspects of it were good, but on the whole, it was a bad movie, for many reasons.

The producers were well-intentioned, however. They didn't lampoon Ayn Rand's story. They attempted to present it honestly. But they just didn't understand Ayn Rand very well, and they made some poor decisions in direction. As well, the script development and production were extremely hurried.

Hugh Akston was very poorly presented. He even seemed surly when talking to Dagny the first time. I've also heard complaints about the presentation of Francisco D'Anconia.

Rearden was, I think, reasonably well cast. Unfortunately, the sex scene between Rearden and Dagny was boring and conventional.

I, personally, thought the best performance in the movie was by Rebecca Wisocky, who played Lillian Rearden. She was perfectly cast, and she did a brilliant job with what she was given.

If you are an Objectivist, or a big fan of Ayn Rand, I'd recommend seeing the movie just for the sake of seeing how Atlas Shrugged might be presented by people who are honest, but not Objectivists.

If you are not an Objectivist, I don't recommend seeing the movie, because it makes Objectivism seem like a bunch of baseless assertions. That is, there are elements of the dialogue which seem like statements which are not justified by the action; so the movie comes off preachy.

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John Paquette ♦

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Thank You.

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