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Is the typical objectivist economic viewpoint more towards the austrian school or chicago school?

asked Jul 20 '12 at 22:32

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Ayn Rand stated the following about Austrian School Economics: "I think they are a school that has a great deal of truth and proper arguments to offer about capitalism...but I certainly don't agree with them in every detail, and particularly not in their alleged philosophical premises. They don't have any, actually. They attempt - von Mises particularly - to substitute economics for philosophy. That cannot be done." Furthermore, I think George Reisman is an Austrian School economist and an Objectivist. There might be more overlap between Rand's views and Reisman's than with Mises/Rothbard.

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Friedman (Chicago School) was pro anti-trust laws and against sound money. Rand certainly disagreed with that. She said: "He is not for capitalism; he's a miserable ecclectic."

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There are Objectivist involved in what is called "The New Austrian School". You can find groups on Facebook (or have a look at the Gold Standard Institute). They disagree with elements of the Austrian School proper. Check out Prof. Fekete and Keith Weiner (http://dailycapitalist.com/tag/keith-weiner/)

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