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This is a rough outlook of whats wrong and i know if I am too change the operation of wards, I need to go a deeper level of thinking to find a method that works.

I been psychward numerous of time (5). And every time I am self-depicted. It hold truth a what nurse told me, to shake their hand and introduce yourself to remind them you are a human and a equal...the mindset psychiatrist is that they think they know whats best for you and you dont know anything.

When talking to a doctor she wanted me to take medicine, and I said prove I have poor judgment, she didnt and said..Im a doctor I dont have too. They force medicine on you.

What I wanna accomplish is, to restrict doctors powers because they can snobs.

We have lawsers but they dont give a crap, you are just more papaerwork for them.

Psychology and its diagonses are very vauge. I doubt that bi-polar is a disorder.

It would help if the can speed up the procces of being addmitted to one.

And I found there treatment questionable. They us pills to cure irrational thoguts? Would they cure a thesis with a pill to stopp beliving in god?

A nurse once reported I tried to escape physically which i didnt, and when a lwayer came to see me for court it was dissmissed because I could of been a security risk.The nurse wrote down the repot because she asked if i wanted to leave this place and responded yes, and sais that is enought to report me.....you can obviously see how this is wrong, and I also dont like the fact they dont at least give some people a chance to go to court despite being a security risk.

And foremost i think the individual should have more choice and power and not be dictated to a Doctor judgment.

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Greg Perkins ♦♦

First off, what were you committed for? By what you wrote, I would assume they thought you tried to pull a Sarah Connor on them, which leads me to believe you weren't there by choice, were you? What did you do to get put away FIVE times? It's interesting, that's all. Yes, you are right in the fact that psychiatric practices are a but "unfair" most of the time. This is because psychology is a relatively new field. Only you can truly know what's going on inside your head; the doctors only know what you tell them.

(May 23 '12 at 21:36) Collin1 Collin1's gravatar image

On the Internet, where everything is anonymous, you don't have to be afraid of being open. If you continue this trend on OA, someone like myself who reads what you post would probably know more than the doctor. If anything is on your mind, just type it here. You won't run the risk of getting committed to a psych ward again.

(May 23 '12 at 21:36) Collin1 Collin1's gravatar image

I dont like that there isent enough power for the individual in psychwards.....I dont understand your comment

(May 24 '12 at 06:45) Sage Sage's gravatar image

When someone is in a psych ward, the nurses and doctors etc. assume that you're there because you can't think rationally, ie. think independently or function normally.

(May 24 '12 at 08:46) Collin1 Collin1's gravatar image

Which explains why you don't have much control over yourself...

(May 24 '12 at 08:47) Collin1 Collin1's gravatar image

Can control myself?????????

(Sep 01 '12 at 07:28) Twilightseed Twilightseed's gravatar image
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