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I dont know much about Art , but I will be modest and admit, that I dont think I am capable of seeing the merit in famouse painters, as, Leonardo or Michelalngelo. Becuase i am not as intelligent...if that is the factor I think would explain it.

I desperatley need the spiritual-consciouness fuel. I am really in pain and need something to give meaning of my time.

I guess some facts about my personality is:

-cynical -Smart -Inquisitive ( I am curiouse about and have thirst for knowledge. When I went to the hospital, i paid attetion of how it was designed, and wonder what the logo in the computers where for, etc.) -And I like landscape, but I feel I need something more specific besides something pleasent too look at.

Importnant:I think i need something represents an ideal, rather than the essence of a emotion.... I jotted three words expect to see in the painting and it was sadness, death and love.

Also I would say I have the heart of a inventor.

I once had the experience, where I saw a house in the corner of a street, behind a tree leafless or dead leaves, with old paint, and I thought this is special. It expresses my loneliness or abondamnet and thought of painting it.

I wanted to do a painting, but didrent get the results I wanted. It was a tree growin at the ege of a cliff with the wrold limiting it, my dead dog at the corner, and a man drowining in the sea, with pages of his book in the air, and one of them said "Life has no streetsigns"..I wanted to pain a sunset in the background with the light dim, and the darkness consuming the painting....Theme: My emptyness

I like Vicent van goh. I like the attribute of emotional honesty...

asked May 01 '12 at 09:58

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What type of art do you want? Do you want art with an optimistic, happy view of the world, or do you want, as you said, lonely pieces of art? If you want to see a good MOVIE, I would strongly suggest watching The Fountainhead with Gary Cooper. If you find it difficult to paint a good work of art, the only thing that can make you better is practice. Start small. Work within your range, and then build up on that. Hopefully this will help.

(May 01 '12 at 15:38) Collin1 Collin1's gravatar image

When I meant Art I mean specifically, paintings.And in regards to movie, I thik a nice, pleasent animated film, such as shrek or tanged is what I need.

(May 01 '12 at 15:49) Sage Sage's gravatar image

If you're looking for a source of spiritually-uplifting fine art it's hard to do better than the Cordair Gallery, IMHO. Google them, visit their website and enjoy.

(May 08 '12 at 17:17) Kyle Haight ♦ Kyle%20Haight's gravatar image

Dindt find what I was looking for.What I wanna see is rebirth

(May 10 '12 at 15:13) Sage Sage's gravatar image
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This is a difficult question to answer for someone else.

However, based on your description of what you're looking for, you might start by looking at paintings from the Romantic period. The Wikipedia page has some good examples.

In particular, have a look at The Voyage of Life series. I remember being very moved and inspired when I saw them in person, ages ago.

As with most paintings, look at the largest, highest quality version of the images you can, for best effect.

answered May 16 '12 at 07:47

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Rick ♦

Thanks rick

(May 28 '12 at 14:11) Sage Sage's gravatar image

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