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Hypothetically speaking, if someone asked you to help him commit suicide, and even fronted you money to further persuade you, would you do it? Are you violating any moral boundaries by following through with the process? Would it be immoral after I asked him if he'd like to seek psychiatric help, and he adamantly refuses?

The reason I ask this, of course, is because of Dr. Kevorkian. He was paid to euthanize his patients by their own free will. Under my interpretation, assisting a suicide seems wrong emotionally, but "fine" if I think about the circumstances Objectively.

Would I help out if paid? Yes, if I had a good feeling I could get away with it without getting arrested. But I would ask the person if he would like psychiatric help before going through with it. I could always use the money...

asked Feb 08 '12 at 19:38

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I, personally, would not -- because I'm not a trained medical professional. If a person wants to end his own life and is physically capable of doing so, he can do it himself. If he is not physically capable, I think he should be able to turn to a trained medical professional. In a free society that would be legal.

Under current law, however, I wouldn't do it even if I were a trained medical professional, precisely because of what happened to Dr. Kevorkian.

answered Feb 09 '12 at 13:43

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