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Christians, for example, do not believe in abortion, gay marriage, etc., while Objectivists do, as it allows the individual to choose for himself which direction he directs his life. In this sense, it is also the Conservative, not only the modern day Liberal, who wishes to strip away individual liberties from society. Is the social Conservative position immoral?

asked Jan 25 '12 at 21:31

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Objectivism holds that the essence of morality is the use of reason to guide action in the pursuit of life-sustaining values. The initiation of physical force severs the connection between reason and action, cutting off the possibility of moral action at the root. So if by "impose" you mean "impose by force" then the answer is "yes". Any attempt to impose a particular morality on others by force -- whether it be the Christian morality of the social conservatives, the politically-correct morality of the left, or even Objectivist morality -- is itself immoral.

Note, however, that it is the force that makes the attempt immoral. Attempting to convince others of the truth of some honestly-held moral position through peaceful means is not immoral, even if the position happens to be false.

answered Jan 26 '12 at 02:30

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