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In arguments related to particularly healthcare, there is a recurring theme that comes up and it usually goes something like "we need healthcare like every other industrialized country" or "every other civilized nation has deemed it upon itself to provide healthcare for the collective". It seems that the barometer for providing healthcare is because civilization demands it.

What is the reason people associate healthcare with civilization. Are we uncivilized if we don't have universal healthcare?

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One of the reasons people associate healthcare with civilization is the way it is packaged together and 'sold' to them by the politicians and media.

Healthcare, and indeed all other material goods and services arise from individuals. An individual on a desert island must provide every requirement for their life. An individual within a group of individuals gains the benefit of trade, permitting the increased productivity of specialization of the goods and services required for survival.

Civilization is the progress toward a society of privacy.

Civilization is the process of setting man free from men.

These two observations from For the New Intellectual are generalization or principles which fall under the scope of the purpose for which government is formed.

The relationship of healthcare to life, the “right to life” has been reshaped from the "freedom to act without interference from others, providing you do not interfere with others freedom to act" into "the requirements for survival should be provided." The government, which began as an institution to protect the individual freedom to act, is beginning to reflect how people have been educated relative to the principles which make civilization possible.

Rather than setting man free from men, universal healthcare is a thinly disguised veil, setting the individuals who specialize and provide health care to provide it to others, whether they can pay for it (trade) or not. Rather than being uncivilized if we don't have universal healthcare, we would be uncivilized if we impliment it.

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Another angle: A civilized society is one, that bans force from human interactions. Making doctors adhere to a national health care program constitutes a use of force.

Though I am not sure, if such a bill forbids to provide medical service for direct payment only.

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