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We should all know by now what is going on over there, dictators being overthrown and whatnot. My question is, what do you think will happen in those countries in the near future? My belief is that, despite the will of the people to want a freer society, their innate, and historical, lack of an indigenous liberal tradition will be their downfall. I don't think anyone over there understands what democracy and liberalism truly are. For example, during the protests in Egypt, I remember seeing a tv news crew interviewing one of the protesters asking about his view on what kind of government should be set up to replace it(I think in the context of setting up a democratic government), and the protester responder(dont remember all the words but i think i got this part right) "We love the American people, but we hate the American system, because it leads to oppression!" (I think objectivists would agree). Still, I think their limited knowledge of democracy will probably lead to some type of authoritarian dictatorship or military junta replacing it.

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Is it the American system that leads to oppression, or the lack of understanding the American system and failure to impliment it objectively that brings about the infringements we observe today?

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Objectivism holds that fundamental ideas drive the course of history. The fundamental ideas that dominate the Middle East are a hash of religious mysticism and statism. Those ideas are incompatible with a free society. Even on a purely political level the protesters are confused. They want democracy, but as the American Founders well knew democracy and liberty are not the same.

Rand wrote that "These two -- reason and freedom -- are corollaries, and their relationship is reciprocal: when men are rational, freedom wins; when men are free, reason wins." The vast majority of the population in the Middle East is committed to anti-rational ideas which implies that, sadly, I must agree with the questioner: freedom won't win.

answered Mar 14 '11 at 19:57

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