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Since it has already been answered that we shouldn't really feel obligated to help future generations(I mean by preventing problems from occurring in the future that might affect them), should Americans(and objectivists) today be concerned about the declining military strength of the U.S., and the increasing military strength of China(who, with their overwhelming population, could prolly Zerg(read: swarm) to death anyone in a war). Not to say that the U.S. is militarily weak now, but I think we are losing our edge, (read this: http://blogs.forbes.com/ciocentral/2011/01/20/danger-america-is-losing-its-edge-in-innovation/) and maybe we will be paced up in the future.

asked Feb 05 '11 at 18:34

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Junky, smuggling in argumentative presuppositions and spin doesn't seem helpful... Why not simply ask directly, "Should Americans be concerned about declining military strength in the US and increasing strength in China?" If it is in fact the Objectivist position to be callous and indifferent to [insert object or circumstance of interest here, whether environmental or political circumstance or whatever], then an Objectivist can and will TELL you so. Otherwise, answering becomes burdened with dispelling incorrect or strangely spun presuppositions rather than focusing on the real issue.

(Feb 06 '11 at 01:45) Greg Perkins ♦♦ Greg%20Perkins's gravatar image

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