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He is surely influenced by Rand, but seems to be taking a step further or maybe backwards depending on your perspective. There are certainly some things to like in his Argument From Morality. Is he philosophically sound or just an ally in some minor respects?

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It would be interesting to analyze how he segues from legitimate references to equality to the illegitimate useages, from a rhetorical point of view, that is.

(Jan 24 '11 at 19:30) Mindy Newton ♦ Mindy%20Newton's gravatar image

Stephen Molyneux's "Moral Argument" is fallacious. Interestingly, he bases it on the false claim that equality is good per se. (The reader might find my answer to the question on Egalitarianism, here, useful in this connection.) If equality is the sine qua non of justice, then authority is an injustice. Authority itself, even if elected and temporary and defined in its office, sets up an inequality. If judges, for example, are functioning morally in overseeing trials, then it is equally moral for any man to oversee a trial. Thus, the fact that we only let judges preside at trials is a matter of injustice.

In fact, equality is valuable only insofar as inequality under law is a symptom of injustice. If injustice is done to many people, but equally, it is still unjust. Equality does not prevent, nor undo injustice.

Having conflated justice with equality, Molyneux goes on to indict any political organization as setting up executive inequalities. Someone has to wear the uniform, to fly the fighters, to arrest perpetrators, and the individuals who do so are automatically committing injustices by becoming other than equal to the rest of us, he argues. Once he has created the false idol of equality, he has an infallibile weapon against government of any sort.

His "moral argument" is logically very poor, and suspect for that reason. It is ruinous to any valid political theorizing.

answered Jan 24 '11 at 16:28

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