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Does objectivism tell us what are good movies, music or books?

asked Sep 21 '10 at 16:25

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Objectivism describes art's role in human life, and what basic principles apply in evaluating it. One can then use those principles to evaluate various works of art as being good or bad. Unfortunately, aesthetics (the branch of philosophy dealing with art) is the least developed part of Objectivism. However, there are a number of resources you may find helpful:

  • Ayn Rand Lexicon The entry on art contains a number of excellent quotes from Ayn Rand on her views of art
  • Art of Fiction This book was developed from a writing course Ms. Rand gave, and it describes a lot about her approach to literature.
  • 8 Great Plays - As Philosophy and Literature This is an excellent course by Dr. Peikoff which analyzes several stage plays and discusses what greatness means in that context.
  • Poems I Like and Why This is another lecture by Dr. Peikoff in which he gives a brief discussion on the merits of poetry and some examples of poems he particularly likes.

Unfortunately, relatively little work has been done outside the area of literature. Here are a few I know about:

  • M. Zachary Johnson is an Objectivist composer who recently published a book, Dancing with the Muses on music history, theory and composition
  • Luc Travers is an Objectivist art historian who has written a book, Touching the Art, on how to understand and appreciate the visual arts
  • Cordair Fine Art is a fantastic art gallery owned and operated by two Objectivists which focuses exclusively on romantic realism (the style of art considered the highest form of art by Objectivism)

I'm sure there are more artists and resources I've missed, but this should help you get started!

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answered Apr 29 '11 at 12:48

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