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Unfortunately, I live in Europe, so I do not know what has happened to Rand's popularity recently. In 2009, I've heard a lot about the explosion of Atlas Shrugged sales and Ayn Rand becoming ever more popular in the US. So there are two aspects of this question: What is your impression of Rand's popularity in the US? Has it increased or decreased compared to 2009? And: Can anyone come up with the sales of Atlas Shrugged in 2010? I did not find any numbers.

asked Dec 27 '10 at 12:20

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Selfmadesoul ♦

www.examiner.com/.../uva-historian-explains-ayn-rand-s-unusual-popularity -2010

This URL takes one to an article discussing Rand's current popularity, and that article has several references to others discussing Rand's current public visibility and interest.

answered Jan 02 '11 at 20:12

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Says don't have permission to access the server.

(Jan 03 '11 at 01:27) capitalistswine ♦ capitalistswine's gravatar image

Impact states that Atlas sold 350,000 copies in 2010, as opposed to 520,000 in 2009. This is still very high. Besides, the movie raised the public awareness of Ayn Rand recently, with Atlas ranking in the Amazon Top 10 for some weeks.

answered Apr 30 '11 at 07:38

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