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I assume that an intrinsicist Christian would say "God exists because he just does."

I assume that a subjectivist Christian would say ""God exists because I feel like he does." Maybe because he thinks that the world would be very scary if he doesn't.

If my assumption is correct, then it would appear that the intrinsicist is really making a judgment from emotion, even if he doesn't identify it as such, which would then make him a subjectivist.

asked Mar 05 at 11:15

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The most fundamental characteristic that unites intrinsicism and subjectivism is the primacy of consciousness. Intrinsicists usually end up believing in the supremacy of an external consciousness of some kind (such as one or more "gods"), while subjectivists believe in either the supremacy of their own consciousness (individually) or in the power and supremacy of collective consciousness (many individuals joining together in some common belief). And yes, belief in primacy of consciousness in any form reduces to acting on emotion, since primacy of consciousness is rejection of the primacy of existence and of man's means of knowing it, namely, reason, leaving emotion as one's only guide to action (woefully self-defeating).

For further discussion, refer to the topics of "Subjectivism," "Objectivity," "Intrinsic Theory of Values," and "Primacy of Existence vs. Primacy of Consciousness" in The Ayn Rand Lexicon. Additional valuable discussion can be found in OPAR, Chapter 4 ("Objectivity"), especially the subsection titled, "Intrinsicism and Subjectivism as the Two Forms of Rejecting Objectivity."

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Thanks. I think what was confusing me was that when I evaluate the term intrinsicism and subjectivism, I was not holding in context that these are metaphysical views -- not epistemological views or psycho-epistemological methods. That is, someone who relies on their emotion as a means of cognition can come to an intrinsic or a subjective view of reality.

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