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I grew up eating rice. I like rice. I grew up having bad experiences with corn bread (school lunches). I don't like corn bread. Is my preference for rice over corn bread objective because it's based on the experiences that I had?

(assume that other variables such as cost, health consideration, etc. are equal).

asked Mar 05 at 11:11

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"Preference" can be either an automatized response (like an emotional reaction) or a deliberated choice (which may become automatized if repeated often enough over time). "Objective" applies to one's method of cognition, which falls mainly into the category of deliberated choices. Aspects of an objective method of cognition can become automatized over time, but new applications of the method (insofar as they are truly new) have to be deliberated. For further insights, refer to the topics of "Automatization" and "Objectivity" in The Ayn Rand Lexicon. There is also a very informative discussion in OPAR Chapter 4 ("Objectivity"), especially the subsection titled, "Objectivity as Volitional Adherence to Reality by the Method of Logic."

answered Mar 06 at 02:06

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