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Given Rand's attention to word use, meaning, and selection, is there any signifigance to her use of the name John Galt? Does anyone know the origin or motivation of her selecting it?

asked Aug 04 '14 at 15:46

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The Wikipedia article titled, "John Galt," contains some interesting insights attributed to Shoshana Milgram.

It should also be remembered that artistic creation is primarily a sense-of-life process, not a didactic or educational (teaching) project; "attention to word use" usually arises most critically when trying to be precise in conveying an idea. Names of fictional characters don't necessarily have much significance for the ideas that the writer is attempting to project, although the characters' names (patterned on old-style phone numbers) have considerable significance and/or intentional irony in Anthem.

answered Aug 05 '14 at 22:13

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