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Although we spend about .2% of GDP on foreign aid, many say it's worth it because the US can manipulate poorer and less stable countries to behave themselves and not have wars and instability. In the long run that global stability is good for trade as our markets expand into newer markets (just like what happened after WWII).

Convince me otherwise with evidence and reason.

asked Apr 24 '14 at 12:53

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Haha is no one going to respond to this? I love you guys because you are involved in debate, however this is a sad display considering the context of the quality of my answers in other questions.

(Apr 29 '14 at 00:33) TheBucket TheBucket's gravatar image

You've worn most of us out.

Maybe not me, but I'm not sure I really understand the question. If foreign aid (such as military aid to allies) is beneficial for the military security of the United States, then maybe the United States government should be doing it. I don't think there ought to be a categorical rule against it.

(Apr 29 '14 at 08:05) anthony anthony's gravatar image

That's a very rational answer. Thank you.

(Apr 29 '14 at 21:12) TheBucket TheBucket's gravatar image
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I do not see this question as different in principle from several other recent or past questions mostly from the same questioner. For future reference by interested readers, here are some key issues for which I have offered discussion in recent Answers postings:

  • Why shouldn't government regulate or provide 'X'?
  • Objectivist advocacy of separating state and economics does not derive from economic considerations.
  • Objectivism views special sciences such as economics and law as man's way of learning about concrete issues in detail and implementing broad philosophical fundamentals; philosophy cannot replace the special sciences.

During the past two months, there have been three main Questions where I have discussed some or all of these points:

I can elaborate further on Objectivism and its applications if necessary (within my knowledge of the principles and issues).

answered May 01 '14 at 22:25

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